February 2016: A Word from Pastor Sun Hee


At the end of this month, several amazing leaders from our FamilyMatters Ministry 

along with myself and Pastor Sam Yun from EMBRACE Church will be hosting and 

leading an enriching, faith-filled weekend for couples. In a two day program taking 

place in our Ministry Center on February 27-28, couples will gather to examine their 

lives together, to share their feelings, hopes, disappointments, joys and frustrations 

so that they can improve and enhance their relationship with a greater awareness of 

God in their lives.

Inspired by the direct experience and blessing that Eric & Rennie Bautista and Chris 

& Kristine Welcher had from their participation from a marriage encounter 

weekend sponsored by the Catholic church, this weekend aims to both emulate and 

further customize that experience to bless couples in our church.  This weekend will 

involve a series of talks that are given by Pastor Sam and myself on ways that 

couples can communicate better and look deeper into various elements of their 

relationship. The couples will engage in personal and interpersonal, reflective 

exercises leading to the building up of intentional and healthy relationships.

One of the foundational values that undergird this weekend experience is the belief 

that God desires healthy and whole relationships between couples. In God’s design, 

we are meant to be in mutual, loving, and complementary engagement with one 

another. And we know that does not always come easily. There is always stuff we 

need to learn, and there is always room for growth in every relationship.

Our hope for this weekend is that couples will walk away from this experience with greater love, passion and intention for one another. There is a greater purpose for couples to be together and to be in love with one another than just romance. God wants to use every couple in the context of a greater calling. And that’s why we are investing in CouplesMatter. Because ultimately, couples matter to God.

If you are interested in joining this weekend experience, contact me or Rennie Bautista for more information.

It’s going to be an amazing weekend… I hope that you will consider joining us or being in prayer for the couples who will participate.

Praying for enrichment and love,

Pastor Sun Hee